The Leo Behind It All


Owner and lead planner, Lauren Watson, is a North Carolina native where hospitality comes naturally. Combined with her many years of California living, she's cultivated an eye for a classic-cool style. She's a go-get-em girl with ultimate gumption and has the ability to take initiative and make things happen. With a background in Ocean Engineering, she is equal parts nerdy as she is creative. Lauren is a mastermind of logistical management, decision making, and is a social occasion enthusiast with a love for bringing people together. 

An ideal day off is a slow morning lounging at home with her high school sweetheart, now husband, sipping craft coffee, and groovin' to whatever record is spinning. An evening follows with a home-cooked dinner and great glass of wine with friends and family! Also worth a mention: she can whip up a mean deviled egg!

lauren watson